This is a tailored online training course, presented by the China National Tourist Office Budapest of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China and the Tourism Coordination Centre of 17+1 tourism Cooperation. We invite you to participate and learn about China and Chinese tourism before COVID-19 and the possible scenarios of recovery from the pandemic and the new start of tourism.

Join our 4-episode series and complete the quiz after each session to receive the China in a Nutshell Tourism Certificate issued by CNTO Budapest and TCC. 

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Episode 1: A general overview of Chinese tourism

In this episode, you will receive a short summary of China’s geography, the country’s natural, cultural and tourism resources. You will get to know about the main characteristics of Chinese tourism and the travel habits of Chinese people. You will learn about the most important tourism policy measures of the Chinese government and the new technologies that help the development of tourism. Finally, you will even get tips of travel with recommended itineraries.


Episode 2: China-CEEC’s tourism cooperation

In this episode, we will introduce you to the history and main goals of the China-CEEC’s tourism cooperation and the China-CEEC’s Tourism Coordination CentreYou will learn about the joint activities of the CEE countries in order to build the CEE brand. You will receive a summary of the development of tourism traffic from China to the CEE region and the direct air connections. We will share with you how the CEE countries are maintaining their presence in China during the pandemic and what the most possible scenarios of the post-pandemic return of China-CEE tourism are.  

Episode 3: Development of Chinese tourism

In this episode, we will highlight for you the role that Chinese tourism fulfilled right before the COVID-19 pandemic. We will explain to you the 4 stages that China has gone through to become a world leader in tourism. We will introduce you to the main drivers of development and you will understand the link between the major reforms of the government, the increasing living standard of the population and the impressive performance of Chinese tourism by the last decade.

Episode 4: Chinese travellers before the COVID-19 pandemic. When and how tourism from China is expected to return?

In this episode, you will get to know in detail how the worldwide lockdown and bans on travels caused by the pandemic, affected China. You will gain a deeper insight into Chinese travels to Central and Eastern Europe until 2019, and you will be explained the market segmentation of Chinese outbound travellers. You will get a snapshot of Chinese inbound travels at present and you will see how China is preparing for the new start of outbound travels. We will provide you with reliable early forecasts about the return of Chinese outbound trips. Finally, will give you some useful advice on how your company should prepare for the new wave of Chinese tourists. 

Introduction to the China - CEEC's Tourism Coordination Centre (TCC)

The China – CEEC’s Tourism Coordination Centre (TCC) was established in Budapest in May 2014, on the initiative of Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. The TCC is the executive body of a joint professional platform for China and the 16 CEE countries in the field of tourism. The mutual commitment of 16+1 paved the way for professional cooperation forms between the two regions.

The mission of the TCC is to collect and share information and connect tourism stakeholders from CEE and China. By promoting the region as a single and unique destination, the TCC supports the cooperating Central and Eastern European countries to be more visible in the Chinese tourism market.

China, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Montenegro, Poland, Republic of North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia joined the cooperation on a voluntary basis. Greece joined in April 2019.

The TCC is seated in Budapest, Hungary, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and is active on its website and on Linkedin. You can connect TCC at [email protected]